Schain, Banks, Kenny & Schwartz, Ltd.
Eminent Domain & Condemnation Law

Schain Banks regularly tries condemnation cases on behalf of government entities and landowners, arming our condemnation attorneys with the unique ability to understand the complexities of each case from both sides. 

Our attorneys have represented municipalities and special districts in condemnation proceedings to acquire private land that is needed for public use, such as the widening of a road, the development of regional storm water management facilities, easements for extensions of sanitary sewer and water lines for a sewage treatment facility or the acquisition of land in a TIF district to advance development.

Landowners are usually the last to learn of the government’s intention to condemn their property. On behalf of landowners, we have found our first hand experience enables us to help a landowner level the playing field by responding with innovative strategies to increase their chance of a successful and fair resolution.  Whether you need to prevent a state agency or a local municipality from buying your property, or you want to insure that you maximize and receive the full value for your land, the Schain Banks condemnation team’s unique perspective and expertise has enabled us to successfully defend condemnation cases on behalf of landowners for over 30 years.

Eminent Domain/Condemnation Law