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Rick Veenstra and Nick Standiford speak at IML Conference

Exploring Effective Nuisance Abatement Strategies for Municipalities

Chicago, September 21, 2023  – Municipal leaders and legal experts gathered on Thursday, September 21, 2023, at the Hilton’s Grand Ballroom to participate in an insightful and engaging event on Nuisance Abatement Strategies for Municipalities. This session was dedicated to exploring the critical topic of addressing and abating nuisances within communities.

The event provided attendees with an understanding of the tools and strategies available to municipalities to tackle nuisances effectively. Nuisances, which can disrupt the peace and tranquility of communities, were recognized as issues that impact the quality of life for residents and businesses alike. The event emphasized that addressing these nuisances was not only a legal necessity but also a moral obligation for municipalities.

The panel of experts leading this discussion included:

Deb Lang, Attorney – City of Aurora

Nicholas D Standiford, Partner – Schain Banks Kenny & Schwartz, Ltd.

Richard J Veenstra, Partner – Schain Banks Kenny & Schwartz, Ltd.