State & Local Tax

Actions, Appeals, and Audits

Our state and local tax practice group specializes in representing clients before the Illinois Department of Revenue and the Chicago Department of Revenue, including audit defense work and appeals for clients seeking waivers of penalty and interest or a compromise of tax liability.

Additionally, our attorneys represent a number of local governments with regards to local tax issues. Such representation has included the drafting of sales and use tax laws and working with legislators and state legislative staff on local tax issues that affect units of local government. Furthermore, we work with local governmental staff and elected officials to help them better understand the impact of such changes on their budgets.

Our attorneys file actions for refunds, administrative review and appeals of decisions to the Illinois Appellate and Supreme Courts. The state and local tax practice group also has extensive experience in handling matters related to Real Property Transfer Tax.

The state and local tax practice group works closely with attorneys of all specialties, working across our various practice groups to provide efficient and comprehensive service to our clients.